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Trademark Renewal

Is your trademark validity in Australia almost up? Do you fear you will forget a renewal? Contact Harbour Trade Marks to remain on top of your trademark game.

Remain Exclusive. Remain On Top Of Your Game!

Registering a trademark helps your business create a unique brand image with a distinct intellectual property that is exclusively yours for 10 years.

But what happens when the decade is up?

You can lose your edge and, consequently, your consumer base.

But do not worry. We won’t let that happen.

The attorneys at Harbour Trade Marks help you secure timely trademark renewals so you can escape late fees or, worse – a trademark loss.  

Wave Goodbye To Legal Challenges

When you’re running a business, it is normal to forget some legalities, especially if it has been 10 years.

Unfortunately, forgetting to renew a trademark can deteriorate your created goodwill, business image, and product portfolio. If the trademark was a signature phrase, you might lose that to another competitor too!

This is where we step in.

Facilitating the renewal process long before it becomes a problem, our legal trademark attorneys keep an eye on the timeline. As soon as the trademark renewal letter from IP Australia arrives, we get to work.

Escape Late Charges

Australia allows for two types of trademark renewal timelines:

  1. 12 months before the expiry

  2. Till 6 months after the due date


The latter option has a fee of AUD 100 and is considered a Grace period. After this, your trademark will lapse and cannot be reinstated. You would have to start from scratch again.


But not when you have us by your side.


We ensure trademark renewals are processed and approved before they expire or within the grace period at max. If you reach out to us post-grace period, we can facilitate a new trademark registration.


In every situation, we have you covered!

A Step-By-Step Anchor Trade Mark Renewal Guide

No legal jargon, no complexities.

We understand the complicated Australian trademark law for you and present you with a simple, step-by-step trademark renewal guide instead.

This is how we operate:

Step 1: Update Your Business Details

Receipt of renewal letters depends upon your details (e.g., address) registered with IP Australia. We ensure the details are up to date and correct.

Step 2: Remove Classes

10 years is a long time. You may discontinue services (like delivery), and not require some trademark classes. We help you make the distinction and renew the needed trademarks.

Step 3: Pay For Renewal

We ensure your paperwork is filed and payment is complete before the grace period ends. The medium of payment differs, but the most efficient method is online payment. We will provide you with the receipt on the same day!

Step 4: Ensure Success

Our team works consistently to ensure quick and successful renewals. Upon completion of the renewal application and payment, the registrar informs of the trademark update.

We also give you status updates at every step of the process.

Register Your Trademark Today

The world of business thrives on the phrase You Snooze, You Lose.

With Harbour Trade Marks , forgetting trademark renewals becomes impossible, and you remain on top of your intellectual property goals – always.

Request a quote from our team of Australian trademark attorneys today.

Gain exclusive rights to your trademark forever.

Renew on time and as required with Harbour Trade Marks !

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