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Trademark Consultation

The trademark process involves several technicalities which, if you miss, can pose serious risks to your brand. Harbour Trade Marks provides holistic consultation services to ensure that does not happen. Consult Now!

Navigating The Trademark Process

In 2023, 84,476 trademark applications were filed, but only 62,825 were registered.

Do you know why that is?

Trademarking involves multiple complex steps. If you miss out on any important elements in the application, you could miss out on being registered.

Even afterward, trademark implementation and running opposition for infringement are accompanied by several hurdles, not to mention both expensive and extremely time consuming.

At Harbour Trade Marks, we provide individuals, small and upcoming businesses, and other global firms holistic trademark consultation to seamlessly navigate the whole procedure, from start to finish.

The Application

IP Australia has adopted the NICE Class, which consists of 45 classes of goods and services for which you can apply for a trademark. When drafting a trade mark registration application, it is critical that the goods and/or services specified are accurate and that the appropriate classes are chosen.

For instance, most trademarks in recent years have been filed for the technological and electrical apparatus and instruments class.

Identifying where your trademark -  be it your business name, a novel idea, symbol, etc., - falls under is a crucial first step in the application process.

Our team of experts provides strategic advice regarding the appropriate coverage for goods and services. We also help you clearly specify your trademark application, leaving no room for ambiguity.

With Harbour Trade Marks, your business is on the right track for the application process!

Responding To Adverse Reports & Opposition

Once the trademark is examined, it’s possible trademark examiners raise an objection to your application. On the other hand, your competitors may oppose your application once your trademark has been advertised.

There’s no need to worry. With in-depth knowledge of IP laws and regulations, our team assists you in covering all bases to prepare a solid response.

Promptly overcome the issue and move on to the next step of safeguarding your intellectual property!

Received an Adverse Report?

Contact us now for a free consult!

Enforcing Trademark Registration

Is there another business or individual infringing on your property rights?

Or has a business requested a freedom to operate (FTO) opinion from you?

We will discuss your options of enforcing your trademark or granting an FTO and help you set your best foot forward.

Always keep your trademark protected from infringers with Harbour’s consultation!

Experience Matters In Trademarks

As you attempt to establish and safeguard your brand through trademarks, you will encounter many problems you did not expect.

But at Harbour Trade Marks, our experts, having assisted businesses in Australia for decades, are experienced in dealing with just about any trademark-related situation.

Through our trademark consultancy services, we will guide you each step of the way, partnering in the success of your brand while having your back covered at all times.

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