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Trademark Application

Protect your business, gain an edge over the competition, and create potential barriers to entry with a trademark. Register your trademark with Harbour Trade Marks today!

Protect Your Business Today!

A business idea is a lucrative opportunity, and a trademark – your weapon of protection. 

Whether you have a startup, a small business, or an idea that holds the potential to transform into an empire, take your first step by registering a trademark.

Gain an edge over the competition, cushion market blows, and circumvent future financial loss.

Exclaim to the world that you are in business and mean business with Harbour Trade Marks.

Define Your Intellectual Property

We currently tread in times when trademarks are considered synonymous to the product, and therefore imperative to define your brand to the world.

Register your intellectual property as a trademark to set yourself apart from the rest.

Your trademark may be a:

  • Business Name

  • Logo

  • Phrase

  • Symbol

  • Shape

  • Image

  • Letterhead

  • Signage

The Registration Process

Navigating through the legal jargon of trademark registrations in Australia

for self-registration can become difficult.

With us, the process is as easy as A, B, C, D.

Our Australian-Registered Trademark Attorneys abide by the following steps:

Step A:
Decide the specifics of the trademark.

Choose a distinctive trademark, its type, category among the 45 trademark classes, and desired ownership.

Step B:
File your application.

We thoroughly recheck the information and submit your application for a trademark to IP Australia.

Step C:
Update you at each stage.

The application goes through examination, depending on the nature of your application, the time period it will take to be examined will vary. We keep you informed throughout.  

Step D:
Sort objections and give you the good news.

If there is an objection to wording, etc., we gauge your options and fix the hiccup to obtain the trademark registration certificate.  If there are other issues, we will let you know and discuss our options together.

The trademark registration process can take 4-6 months to near completion in normal conditions depending on the work backlog of IP Australia,

it can take up to 7 months or more.

We keep you in the loop with regular update emails.

Conquer Your Target Audience

The value of your business hinges on your trademark.

Improve brand recognition, mitigate unwanted barriers to entry, and claim your turf in the business world.

Whether you are an Australian business owner hoping for a trademark for your local startup or hoping to take your business overseas, our specialist attorneys facilitate direct trademark registrations as well as international applications via the Madrid Protocol.   

Skip The Hassle Of DIY Registrations – Anchor Your Business!

A trademark is important for business and therefore essential to get right. Self-registration without sufficient Australian trademark knowledge can mean you:

  • Register a trademark that exists.

  • Choose the wrong class or category of trademarks or offer very general descriptions.

  • Apply for a trademark that is not distinctive enough.

Filing for the wrong trademark with insufficient information is a waste of time, money, and resources.

With our team of the top worldwide trademark attorneys, you can keep the DIY doubts at bay.

Your trademark and business image are in safe hands with Harbour Trade Marks.

Register Your Trademark Today.


Contact Us For A Consultation!

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