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Trademark Monitoring

Do you have a trademark? The expert attorneys at Harbour Trade Marks monitor the trademark register to keep your brand protected. Contact today!

Protect Your Business Image On A Global Scale

You spend years working on your business. You put your heart and soul into it.

You transform your enterprise into a brand, and each of its trademarked elements into a vital customer attractor.

But what if another business releases a logo unbelievably like yours? Or launches with a very similar business name?

Your clientele may be confused, and competitors can benefit from your goodwill, causing you a hefty loss.

Prevent trademark infringement – Protect your business.

Harbour Trade Marks provides trademark monitoring on-demand. Get in touch!

Protection That Surpasses Boundaries

The business world is one of cut-throat competition.

If you have trademarked your intellectual property in Australia but continue to operate on a global scale, keeping an eye on the global industry is crucial.

Trademarks can be infringed with the disguise of language and cultural barriers.

We also stay on the lookout to ensure your brand remains your own – now and always.

Your Very Own Trademark Surveillance Team

When you’ve got a business to run, focusing on what others are doing becomes secondary – and rightly so. This is where we come in, always looking out for you.  

Our trademark attorneys minimize your risk of trademark infringement through careful monitoring of your trademark portfolio and competitor trademark applications.

If anyone applies for a trademark quite similar to yours, we will oppose it in the stipulated months to keep your goodwill – intact and protected.

Our Trademark Monitoring Process

We believe in proactive protection. Therefore, our trademark monitoring strategy is tailored to your jurisdiction, type, and class of trademarks.

Step 1: Guide to ®

Once you have trademarked your intellectual property, we suggest continued usage of the ® symbol to make everyone aware of your property.

Step 2: Watch The Journal

Proposed trademarks are published in the Australian Official Journal of Trademarks. We survey the journal to oppose any potentially infringing trademark timely.

Step 3: Expand Accordingly

As your business grows, you may extend your product portfolio. Our team recommends trademark class expansions and registrations for complete protection

Step 4: Renew Timely

Trademarks in Australia expire after 10 years unless renewed. We provide timely renewals to keep your intellectual property yours, till you want.

As your trademark monitoring partner, we compile monthly, quarterly, or annual reports of similar trademarks with all information – type, product, TM number – to keep you up to date with your competition. 

Achieve & Sustain Competitive Advantage

Registering your trademark is not enough.

You need to use it often – or risk losing it.

In case of prolonged periods of non-usage of trademarked intellectual property, your trademark can be challenged and removed from the register.

But, with Harbour Trade Marks, you have nothing to worry about.

Our comprehensive database of trademarked property and extensive monitoring checks keep you ahead in the game – always.

Let’s Begin The Surveillance Today.


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