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About Us

Harbour Trade Marks empowers individuals, startups, and small businesses by protecting their brand identity and intellectual property through trademarks.

The Trademarking Experts in Australia

Harbour Trade Marks helps budding startups, businesses, and individuals establish their unique identity by trademarking their intellectual property quickly, easily, and economically.

With our highly experienced and skilled team, a network of top lawyers worldwide, and commitment to empowering individuals and businesses, we are redefining the world, one trademark at a time.

The Trademark Experts in Australia

Being an entrepreneur means overseeing multiple areas of business simultaneously – from operations and supply chain to marketing and HR.

Navigating the legal procedures associated with trademarking takes up excessive time and involves difficult technical considerations. Yet, it is crucial for the business to survive and thrive.

At Harbour Trade Marks, registered trademark attorneys look after all the legal dealings, freeing up our clients’ time and resources and allowing them to focus on the other important aspects of their business.

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Signing a Contract

Customized & Cost-effective Trademark Solutions

Some businesses opt for DIY trademark services trying to save their costs.

However, it raises the likelihood of making a critical error, providing ambiguous information, or not creating a name/logo distinct enough to be made a trademark.

Our goal is to provide small businesses with cost-friendly professional options tailored to their requirements, so they can seamlessly proceed with trademark applications without any objections or opposition.

Customized & Cost-effective Trademark Solutions

At Harbour Trade Marks, we don’t just offer our services to get the trademark approved. We focus on protecting our clients’ intellectual property in the long run.

That's why we develop an in-depth understanding of their business and discuss the whole course of action before moving on to the filing process.

Likewise, we provide a fixed upfront quote, providing all the information needed beforehand to make an informed decision.


Values That Drive Us Forward


Do the right thing even when no one’s looking


Always exceed clients’ expectations, delighting them.


Deliver the desired results, every time.


Accept and celebrate differences.

Safeguard Your Brand With Harbour Trade Marks!

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