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Safeguard your brand. Avail quality trademark services without breaking your bank. Book a consultation today!

Avail quality trademark services without breaking your bank!

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IP Australia, the regulatory body for trade mark registrations in Australia, examines each trade mark to ensure it complies with the requirements for registration in Australia. If IP Australia raises any issues during the examination of your application, we will forward the report along with our recommendations and, if any substantial action is required, our team will provide you with a quote for approval. 


When applying for a trademark registration, let us know what goods or services you offer, and we will draft the specifications for you. We will identify your primary trademark class and discuss with you whether to proceed in additional classes if they are significant to you. 

There are 45 official classes of goods and services, with IP Australia's standard online fee being $250 (with picklist) and our flat-fee of $399 (including the first class), $200 (for each additional class). 

Contact us to find out how you can save and accelerate the process with the TM Headstart Application.

Trademark renewal fees are $400 per class
(Official IP Australia's Standard Online Fee) and our fixed one-off flat fee of $99

Upon registration, other service providers may charge additional "acceptance fees," "success fees," or "registration fees". Our trademark registrations are FREE of charge. 

No hidden fees, surcharges, and surprises – that’s our guarantee!


Make an informed decision with our up-front, fixed, and transparent pricing.

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